Our Clients

“Who is CFO Accounting Solutions’ IDEAL Client?”

  • Start-ups and highly-entrepreneurial companies who are in a strong growth phase
  • Businesses in need of or in the midst of a financial turnaround
  • Venture capital firms who have invested in companies and want “their ear to the ground”
  • Any small to medium sized company not yet realizing their full financial potential due to sub-standard or under-resourced accounting resources

It’s with companies like these you’ll see us doing our best work…

  • Creating financial foundations that deliver the facts and figures you need to run the business while adapting to the changes of the business and market
  • Hands on collaboration with you and your management on strategic and financially-oriented initiatives that provide significant value to the business
  • Raising capital, including structuring credit lines, short or long term bank loans, mezzanine capital or outside private equity

Because we know our IDEAL Client: One who’s currently experiencing a certain amount of “chaos.” Are you?

  • It may be your accounting systems have not kept pace with the rest of the organization–causing inaccurate numbers, delays and ultimately, bad decisions.
  • It may be while your sales are strong, cash flow and profits are weak or sporadic. But you don’t quite know why.
  • It may be while the company is operationally firing on all cylinders, management-wise and financially, there are almost daily “crisis’s.”

Rather than stifle or suppress that chaos (which is always a part of every thriving concern), we work with the founders, owners and executive management to harness it and create a controlled atmosphere.

Are we a fit for you and your organization? Contact us today for a free consultation.



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